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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Eastern Economic Forum, Vladivostok

26 Nov, 2018
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The 5th Eastern Economic Forum will take place in Vladivostok from September 4 to September 6, 2019.


The Eastern Economic Forum was established by the Decree of the Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2015. In accordance with the Decree, the Eastern Economic Forum is held annually in the city of Vladivostok.

The main tasks of the EEF

Strengthening ties of the international investment community, Russian business, federal, regional and local authorities.

Comprehensive assessment of the economic potential of the Russian Far East, as well as improving the competitiveness and investment attractiveness of the region at both domestic and international levels.

Presentation of new investment and business conditions, which are priority development areas, Free Port of Vladivostok and government support for promising investment projects.

Forum Program

Each year, the Eastern Economic Forum becomes a platform for discussion of key issues of the global economy, regional integration, development of new industries and technologies, as well as global challenges faced by Russia and other countries.

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