Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

The First Conference of the National Association of Agricultural Exporters, Moscow

12 Oct, 2017
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The 1st Conference of the National Association of Agricultural Exporters (NAEAP) “The current problems of grain exports” is scheduled for November 9, 2017.

The NAEAP conference is the pilot event organized by leading exporters of agricultural products, logistics operators and grain processors.
The agenda of the event includes the most topical points in of the agricultural exports development:
•    Current trends within Russian and global grain markets;
•    International relations in in agricultural trade, emerging markets in Asia, Africa and Latin America;
•    Harmonization of national phytosanitary regulations with these of the countries importing Russian grain;
•    Deployment of a logistics infrastructure for the Russian grain exports;
•    Evolution of tax legislation and the first results of grain market operations in the context of the Charter on agriproduct circulation signed in May 2017.
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