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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

August 13. 64.7 million tons of grain is gathered

13 Aug, 2018
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According to live data as of August 13, all federal districts are harvesting crops. The winter sowing for the harvest of 2019 is also in progress.

Grains and legumes are threshed over 20.2 million hectares (in 2017 – 14.4 million hectares). 64.7 million tons of grain have been harvested (in 2017 – 59 million tons). Winter and spring wheat has been threshed over 14.5 million hectares (in 2017 – 11.1 million hectares), 50.4 million tons of grain have been harvested (in 2017 – 48.4 million tons). Winter and spring barley was threshed over 3.4 million hectares (2.27 million hectares in 2017), 9.0 million tons are in the bin (in 2017 – 7.6 million tons).
Rape is threshed over 176.0 thousand hectares (in 2017 – 141 thousand hectares). 353.0 thousand tons were threshed (in 2017 – 309 thousand tons) at a yield of 20.1 hwt/ha. Flax is extruded over 8.1 thousand hectares.
In the Orel and Krasnodar regions, sugar beet harvesting has just been started. In total, 218 thousand tons have been excavated over 6.8 thousand hectares. Soybean in the Krasnodar Territory is threshed over 8,400 hectares, 10,200 tons are threshed at a yield of 12.1 hwt/ha.
In agricultural organizations and farms, potatoes were dug out over 17.9 thousand hectares, 459.9 thousand tons is gathered at a yield of 226.5.2 hwt/ha. Vegetables are harvested over 37.9 thousand hectares at a total of 597.1 thousand tons (in 2017 – 460.7 thousand tons), at a yield of 157.7 hwt/ha.
Sowing of winter crops for the harvest of 2019 is completed over 110.1 thousand hectares.

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