Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

The Ministry of Agriculture of Russia: by 4 May spring crops have been planted over 9,4 million hectares

15 May, 2018
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According to the real-time data presented by the administration of agro-industrial complex of constituents of the Russian Federation, by 4 May spring sowing campaign is still continuing in the Southern, North Caucasian and certain parts of Far Eastern, Central, Northwestern, Volga, Ural and Siberian Federal Districts.

Spring planting has been carried out over 9,4 million hectares on a nationwide scale. Spring grain and pulse crops have been sown over 5,4 million hectares.

Of these, spring wheat has been planted over 640,5 thousand ha and spring barley – over 2,2 million ha. Corn for grain has been planted over 1,3 million ha and rice – over 81,9 thousand ha.

More than 12,1 million hectares of spring crops have been fertilized with mineral amendments by 4 May all over the Russian Federation. 5,2 million ha have been fertilized in the Southern Federal District, 1,6 million ha – in the North Caucasian Federal District, 34,5 thousand ha – in the Northwestern Federal District, 3,4 million ha – in the Central Federal District, 1,8 million ha – in the Volga Federal District, 9,2 thousand ha – in the Ural Federal District and 22 thousand ha – in the Siberian Federal District.

Potato and vegetable planting is continuing in agricultural farming communities and farm enterprises.

Potatoes have been planted over 47 thousand ha. Vegetables have been planted over 39,3 thousand ha.

Sugar beet has been planted over 665,7 thousand ha, sunflower – over 1,7 million ha.

Soy has been sown over 356,5 thousand ha, spring rape has been planted over 128,1 thousand hectares.

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