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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Admission of applicants for the MGIMO master's program “World Agricultural Markets” is open

23 Jun, 2020
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The MGIMO Department under the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia “International Agricultural Markets and Agro-Industrial Foreign Economic Affairs” announces the applicant drafting for its master's program.

The unique program is aimed at training world-class specialists capable of representing and managing Russia's interests all over global agricultural markets. Throughout the training, students will acquire fundamental knowledge in specific management and marketing, economics and finance, international economic activities, especially logistics, operations at world agricultural markets, state regulation of agribusiness and other skills.
This applied master's course, encompassing several stages of training and practice sessions in partner organizations and governmental bodies, such as the Kuban and Stavropol State Agrarian Universities, is built taking into account the specifics of the agricultural business to make its graduates capable of creating effective strategic paradigms for entering new foreign agrimarkets. In addition, the students will study two foreign languages, including the rare ones, using the MGIMO proprietary methodologies with the focus on professional vocabulary and terminology.
The classes will be taught by MGIMO's leading tutors, the Ministry of Agriculture, Russian Agricultural Bank, Rosselkhoznadzor and industrial associations officers, owners and top managers of agricultural business majors, key consulting professionals of KPMG, BCG, Ketchum, China SMM, etc.
For detailed information on the program address to the MGIMO School of Business and International Competencies:
• Phone: +7 495 225-37-20
• E-mail:
• Website:

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