Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

The Agribusiness Forum is setting the trends

5 Oct, 2017
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The Minister of Agriculture of Russia Alexander Tkachev reported at the Agribusiness Forum “Leadership of the Russian Agribusiness: How to Ensure Quality Growth”, which is the event on the Golden Autumn 2017 business agenda.

As he proclaimed, this year we have records for grain, meat, milk, greenhouse vegetables production and fish catch. The Minister also stressed the importance of augmenting agricultural exports, as well as increasing the number of cutting-edge wholesale logistics, seed-breeding and livestock centers.
“Positive dynamics in agriculture, suggest that economic levers boosting the development of the agro-industrial complex are well elaborated and effective. I am sure that with the current level of state support, the industry as able of steady growing annually”, says Alexander Tkachev.
Thanks to the next record grain harvest, Russia will regain its leadership in exporting wheat. According to Alexander Tkachev, the exports for the year in money terms will exceed $ 20 billion.
“To become super agripower, we must harness the impetus and move ahead swiftly. We faced the task of stimulating investment activities in the agro-industrial complex permanently”, specified the minister.

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