Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

July 9. The total catch amounts to 2.53 million tons

12 Jul, 2018
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As of July 9, the total catch of fish by Russian operators is 2.53 million tons, which is 0.5% higher than last year. The growth is based on the Baltic Sea, the Northern and Far Eastern basins output.

The total catch of fish in the Far Eastern Basin was 1688.7 thousand tons (2017 - 1687.7 thousand tons). In the Northern basin, the catch reached 385.25 thousand tons, which is 49.44 thousand tons higher than the level of the previous year due to capelin production in 2018 in the amount of 65.93 thousand tons.
In the Baltic Sea, the total catch increased by 2.56 thousand tons and amounted to 51.61 thousand tons. In the sprat fishery, 30.85 thousand tons were produced (+1.38 thousand tons by 2017). Catch of Baltic herring amounted to 15.53 thousand tons (+1.96 thousand tons by 2017).
The Azov-Black Sea basin fishermen caught 41.27 thousand tons of fish, which is 8.11 tons lower than last year. In the Caspian basin, the volume of production was 28.21 thousand tons (-5.05 thousand tons by 2017)
In the maritime zones of foreign states, Russian fishermen caught 233.5 thousand tons of fish, which is 11.2 thousand tons more than last year due to the catch in the Mauritanian zone.

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