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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Europe's Largest Turkey Processing Plant Launched in Penza Region

29 May, 2019
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A new poultry processing plant of the Damate Group has opened in the Nizhnelomovsky district of the Penza region. The launch ceremony was attended by Governor Ivan Belozertsev and Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Russia Elena Fastova.


As noted by the Deputy Minister, support for the production of turkey meat and its processing is one of the key activities of the Ministry of Agriculture intended to develop agricultural export.

“Damate Group participates in state support programs implemented by the ministry, first of all - subsidized crediting. Today we are opening the largest turkey processing enterprise in Europe created with state support, and we expect it to make a significant contribution to the development of domestic poultry farming and strengthening the export potential of this industry”, Ms Fastova said.

Damate Group is the largest producer of turkey meat in Russia. The company plans to expand total turkey meat production and processing capacity to 155 thousand tons in slaughter weight per year by 2020. The group has been exporting turkey products since 2015 and has certified them in European Union, Eurasian Economic Union, Asia and Africa.

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