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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Expansion of Union of Grain Exporters Favours Agricultural Export

15 Nov, 2019
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The Union of Grain Exporters has expanded due to new members - the companies LLC Artis-agro Export, LLC AgroLend, LLC Gemkorp Kommoditis Trading Rus, LLC Zerno-Trade and LLC Mirogroup Resources have joined the association. Taking into account the new members, the Union ensures coordination of export activities of all major market participants.

“It is important that the initiative of the founding companies of the Union of Grain Exporters is supported by the market. By interacting with an association consolidating key players, the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia will be able to achieve effectively the target indicators of grain exports” - said Deputy Minister of Agriculture Oksana Luth.

“We are pleased to welcome new members in the ranks of the Union. These are companies that play a prominent role in the export of Russian grain and competition in foreign markets. In total, the Union’s members control more than 70% of Russian grain exports for the current season” - said Eduard Zernin, Chairman of the Union’s Board.

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