Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

June 9. Sowing of spring crops is completed over 48 million ha

9 Jun, 2018
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According to the industrial operational data as of June 9, spring field work in all federal districts of the RF is going on.

Estival sowing was carried out over 48 million ha. Spring cereals and leguminous crops are sown over 28 million ha.
11.5 million ha were planted with spring wheat, 7.4 million ha of spring barley, 2.6 million ha of grain, and 163.4 thousand ha of rice.
In agricultural enterprises and farms potatoes are planted over 279.5 thousand ha, vegetables – 151.7 thousand ha.
Sugar beet was sown over 1,1 million ha, fibre flax –38 thousand ha, soybean – 2.6 million ha, spring rapeseed – 1.3 million ha, sunflower – 7.8 million ha.

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