Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

The Ministry of Agriculture of Russia: As of May 30, grain exports exceed 49 million tons

30 May, 2018
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May 30. According to the operative data of the Federal Customs Service of Russia, more than 49 million tons of grain were exported, which is 47% more than in the same period last year (33.2 million tons), excluding exports to the EAEU countries.

Exports of wheat, since the beginning of the agricultural season, amounts to more than 38 million tons, which is 49% more than to the date last year.
The overall export of barley reached 5.44 million tons, which is over 2 times as greater than to the date last year.
5.17 million tons of corn are also exported, which is 10% more than to the date last year.
330 thousand tons of other crops were exported as well, which is 41% more than during the same period last season.

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