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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Ministry of Agriculture to Design Russian Grape Wine Label

23 Jul, 2019
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Deputy Minister of Agriculture Oksana Lut took part in a press conference on the launch of the second Russia's Wine Guide project. The event was also attended by State Secretary - Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Viktor Evtukhov, Head of Roskachestvo Maxim Protasov, President of the Union of Winegrowers and Winemakers of Russia Leonid Popovich, as well as Head of the Union of Sommelier of Russia Arthur Sarkisyan.


In the course of communication with journalists, Oksana Lut noted that the Ministry, in accordance with the instructions of the Prime Minister, is developing proposals for the visual identification of wines made from Russian wine materials. According to the deputy minister, together with the industry union, the Ministry of Agriculture has begun to work out options for changing the labels of wine products, which would simplify consumer access to information about the place of its production. Relevant proposals will be developed within a month.

Also during the event, Oksana Lut elaborated on other measures to support domestic growers and winemakers. As the Deputy Minister noted, last week the State Duma adopted the draft law “On the development of viticulture and winemaking in the Russian Federation” in the second reading. In addition, the Ministry is developing a draft federal law “On Amendments to Article 21 of the Federal Law On Advertising”.

“The Ministry of Agriculture has developed a draft amendment to the Law On Advertising, they have completed the first procedure of coordination with federal executive bodies. The draft law has provision for placing advertising structures for promotion of wine products with a protected geographical indication and a protected appellation of origin. It is assumed that such advertising can be placed within a radius of 200 km from the wineries, with certain restrictions”, Ms. Lut noted.

These changes will help to increase the flow of tourists to wine-making areas. At the same time, according to the Deputy Minister, wine tourism will become an integral part of rural tourism, which the Ministry of Agriculture plans to actively develop within the framework of the state program “Integrated Development of Rural Territories”.

Deputy Minister also confirmed grapes harvest forecast for 2019. This year it is likely to amount to 549 thousand tons versus 530 thousand tons in 2018.

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