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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Rapeseed Growing Area More Than Doubled Over Decade

24 Jul, 2019
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The rapeseed area has more than doubled in Russia - from 679.8 thousand in 2008 to 1576.3 thousand hectares in 2018. The average gross harvest of rapeseed for the decade amounted to 1.1 million tons, with an average yield of 11.7 centners per hectare.


Currently, rapeseed has widespread use in the national economy. It is used for the manufacture of technical oils and biofuels, cosmetics and detergents, the preparation of green animal feed and the manufacture of basic feed.

Rapeseed is the best raw material for the production of biodiesel, the demand for which is growing every year. The percentage of the output of such fuel from 1 ton of rapeseed oil is 96%.

The growing popularity of these commodity is due not only to its demand for Russian processors, but also to increasing exports.

As of July 19, rapeseed was harvested from the area of 68.2 thousand hectares, 145 thousand tons were harvested at a yield of 21.3 centners per hectare. Under favorable weather conditions, the gross harvest of winter and spring rapeseed is expected to be at least on the last year level, when its harvest amounted to 1.99 million tons in net weight.

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