Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Russia and Turkey overviewed the prospects for further agricooperation

11 Oct, 2018
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The 2nd meeting of the Russian-Turkish Executive Committee for Agriculture, held at the Golden Autumn 2018, was presided by Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Russia Sergey Levin.

The parties discussed trade cooperation, including the matter of phytosanitary surveillance. Sergei Levin expressed the hope that the Turkish party would strengthen control over its agricultural products. He also noted the great interest of domestic businesses in meat supplies to the Turkish market and thanked the counterparts for putting our country on the list of potential beef exporters.
In addition, both parties are reckoning on deepened collaboration in science and education, which implies extensive exchange of experience, joint and advanced training of university students and faculty.
Sergey Levin would like such events as the Executive Committee on Agriculture, as well as the Russian-Turkish Agrobusiness Forum held within the Golden Autumn ‘2018, to become traditional for our bilateral interface.

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