Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Russia and Uzbekistan are expanding agricooperation

8 Sep, 2017
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September 6. Deputy Minister of Agriculture Sergey Levin attended the opening ceremony of the II International Fruit and Vegetable Fair in Tashkent.

In his welcome speech, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Sergey Levin emphasized: “Russia and Uzbekistan have traditionally had close, friendly relations, and cooperation in the agro-industrial complex between our countries is still one of the priority areas of our bilateral economic partnership”.
Russia and Uzbekistan enjoy good fruition expressed in growing agricultural turnover. Thus in 2016 it increased by almost 20% and amounted to $398 million (in 2015 – $334 million). The Uzbek agriexports to Russia increased two-fold, mainly in fruit and vegetable products and amounted to $114 million. Uzbek tomatoes increased 3 times, grapes – almost 2 times, apples and pears – more than 30 times, stone fruit – more than 20 times, other fresh fruits – 10 times.
At the same time, there is much room for expanding Russian exports to Uzbekistan, which in 2016 amounted to $284.8 million. 
Russian exporters are eager to procure Russian sugar, fat and oil products, in particular sunflower and soybean oil, as well as seed potatoes to the Uzbek market. Grain, fish and fish products, confectionery products to be exported to Uzbekistan are also available. There is an interest in arranging meat supplies, including beef.
"We attach special importance to our further relations in this sphere and are ready to ensure the appropriate supplies at affordable prices," the Deputy Minister admitted, and stressed that the Russian party welcomes the “green corridor” between Russia and Uzbekistan to be opened wide.
To make the conditions for cooperation between the two countries most favorable, the parties had established a Working Group on fruit and vegetable imports from the Republic of Uzbekistan to the Russian Federation, which second congregation was held in July 2017.
Currently, the achieved agreements are being implemented within the Working Group, including the establishment of a joint Russian-Uzbek venture (Agro-Line and JSC Uzagroexport).

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