Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

The Ministry of Agriculture considers some minute chances for interactions between Russia and the United States in terms of AIC

13 Sep, 2017
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The Director of the Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia Olga Garshina received the Adviser on Agriculture of the US Embassy in Russia Diana Ayala.

The parties discussed the Russian-American agricultural issues, including veterinary and phytosanitary surveillance.
In 2016, Russian exports to the US increased by 22% compared with 2015. For 7 months of 2017 the trade turnover between the two countries exceeded $ 300 million.
“At present, the import substitution program is being implemented in Russia. The Government sets the goal of reducing the share of imports in the agrarian sector. By 2020, we are to reach 90% food self-sufficiency”, informed Olga Garshina.
The Russian party is generally willing to evolve contacts with the United States in agriculture, particularly welcoming the inflow of American investments into the Russian agrisector.
"Foreign agricultural companies enjoy all conditions for effective operations established in Russia. Companies investing in the Russian agribusiness are provided with the necessary state support”, she emphasized.

The parties touched upon the exchange of analytical data dealing with AIC, as well as probable resumption of the Russian-American Working Group on Agriculture to be headed by the Ministers of Agriculture of the two countries.
In the end, the Russian party officially invited the American colleagues to visit the Russian agro-industrial exhibition Golden Autumn '2017 scheduled for October 4-7 in Moscow.

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