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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Russian Poultry Exports to China May Exceed $100 Million in 2019

9 Sep, 2019
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Deputy Ministers Maxim Uvaidov and Oksana Lut have co-chaired a meeting on the export outlooks of Russian meat products. The event was attended by representatives of relevant departments of the Ministry, industry unions and agricultural producers.

As was noted during the meeting, one of the most promising export markets for Russian products is China. In particular, this year our country has already shipped to this country 18.7 thousand tons of poultry meat worth more than $41 million. At the same time, this year dynamics of monthly shipments shows steady growth, increasing from 54 tons in February to more than 7.5 thousand tons in August. According to the Ministry, by the end of 2019, the volume of exports of these products to China may exceed $100 million.

The Russian Ministry of Agriculture for its part sets the industry the task of intensifying the exports of poultry and byproducts (chicken and turkey) to Chinese market. Currently, 31 Russian companies are allowed to supply poultry to China. However, other manufacturers are interested in this market and willing to be certified.

The participants also discussed the expansion of supplies of Russian meat products (pork, beef, poultry, lamb) to promising markets. The Ministry is working with foreign regulators on removal of tariff and non-tariff restrictions in order to expand access to foreign markets.

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