Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

The first Russia-based General Assembly of the World Farmer Organization is opened

28 May, 2018
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On May 28-30, the VII General Assembly of the World Farmers' Organization (WFO) is taking place in Moscow. The welcome ceremony was attended by Russian Minister of Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev, President of the World Farmers' Organization Theo De Jager, President of the Association of Farms and Agricultural Cooperatives of Russia Vladimir Plotnikov.

In his welcoming speech, the Russian minister emphasized that it is a great honor for our country to receive farmers from all over the world: “More than 170 representatives of farmers' organizations from 55 countries have gathered to participate in the General Assembly. These days are making Moscow the global farming capital”.

Dmitry Patrushev believes that promoting the farmers’ movement is one of the most important tasks of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture: "To back up farmers, we use a wide range of governmental support instruments. Thanks to the efforts of the state, farms in Russia are the most dynamically developing sector of the agribusiness. Russian farmers today comprise more than 205,000 farms, which increase agricultural production steadily. Every year the contribution of farmers to the economy of Russia is growing much”.
Today, farms are the key factor of global food security. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, farmers produce more than 80% of world food in value terms.
The main point of the current General Assembly is the role of farmers in improving the efficiency of agriculture in view of global climate change. The current debate also focuses at equitable distribution of income in the value chain and tracing of product movement from field to shelf.
The Minister of Agriculture of Russia expressed his confidence that the result of the General Assembly should be deliberate decisions laying the foundation for the action plan for the next year.

The annual WFO General Assembly is a significant international event on the global agenda for achieving sustainable development of agriculture. Since 2012, such meetings have been held in Italy, Japan, Argentina, Zambia and Finland. The ultimate decision on the venue for the WFO 2018 General Assembly was taken at the previous GA in Helsinki basing on votes of 80 farmer organizations from all continents of the planet. This testifies global recognition of the successes displayed by Russian farmers and the interest of foreign partners in intensifying cooperation with our country.

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